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Yeast protocols, molecular biology protocols, media and general protocols used by the Cell Cycle Group
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Yeast Transformation Electroporation

  1. Grow 50 ml to OD 1.3-1.5.
  2. Spin cold at 5000 rpm.
  3. Wash twice in 25 ml cold dH2O.
  4. Wash in 1 ml 1 M sorbitol.
  5. Resuspend in 50 µl 1 M sorbitol.
  6. Take 40 µl aliquot and add <5 µl desalted DNA.
  7. Incubate on ice 5 min+.
  8. Electroporate in 0.2 cm cuvette at 1.5 kV (for 5 ms).
  9. Immediately add 1 ml cold 1 M sorbitol.
  10. Plate on selective 1 M sorbitol plate or outgrow in 1 M sorbitol YPD broth first (need 2X media and 2 M sorbitol).