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Yeast protocols, molecular biology protocols, media and general protocols used by the Cell Cycle Group
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Propidium Iodide Staining for FACS Analysis

  1. Add 400 µl (300 µl) culture to 1.2 ml (0.9 ml) 100% ethanol in Eppendorf (volume not critical, therefore depends how much culture can be spared).
  2. 1 h-2+ weeks at 4° C or –20° C.
  3. Spin down cells.
  4. Prepare n x 1 ml SSC (n = number of samples).
  5. From that, prepare n x 0.25 ml SSC + 0.25 µl RNaseA.
  6. Resuspend cells in 250 µl SSC RNase by vortexing.
  7. Incubate at 50° C overnight (or at least 1 h if in a rush — but overnight gives better results).
  8. Prepare n x 50 µl SSC + 1.5 µl proteinase K.
  9. Add 50 µl SSC protK to samples.
  10. Incubate for exactly 1 h at 50° C.
  11. Prepare n x 0.5 ml SSC + propidium iodide (final concencentration is 3 µg/ml).
  12. Add 0.5 ml SSC propidium iodide to samples.
  13. Incubate at room tempearture for 1+ h then store at 4° C until use. (Overnight or over weekend gives best results but can store for at least a month and still get results.)